About Us

The Sentinel Post (TSP) seeks to encompass many perspectives with diverse affiliations. It is a platform for outside-the-box practical analysis, commentary, live dialogue and multimedia content on issues that are important to improve and save lives. TSP is working toward debunking ideological ferments that are undermining human dignity and holding back advancement toward freedom of thought and human development. What sets the TSP apart from similar digital experiences is that it is committed to shedding light on concerns regarding the affairs of the international order, the state of local and regional politics, and their impacts on the state of our planet. Thus, TSP makes an extra effort to vitalize unheeded voices of diverse thinkers and practitioners. The aim here is to inform responsible citizens toward: expanding imaginative human capacity, thriving in science, and creating a culture of cooperation as the foundation for a humane global society.  TSP promotes perspectives focused on peace rather than war in order to assure national, regional, and global security, including the U.S. national security. TSP views human development as the underlying foundation for economic affairs and commerce and democracy and freedom of thought as essential qualities that are needed to produce a more livable planet in the 21st century by ending poverty and preventing wars and pandemics as we seek to explore other planets and even galaxies.  TSP reflects on the life experiences of responsible citizens who have served or are serving their communities, those who have managed or are managing alliances, negotiated or are negotiating treaties, commanded or are commanding armies, led or are leading institutions, and scholars who have moved beyond the traditional conformity of political correctness and outdated paradigms and desire to enlighten further human aspirations and deeds. TSP seeks scholars and practitioners willing to nourish rising generations with the knowledge that now moves at the lightning speed of digital technology, providing them with tools to balance the power of human ethics with the power of modern technology.