Tony Schwalm

Tony Schwalm is a contributing author and a senior editor. He is also a regular contributing author to Arrowsmith Press, which was founded in 2006 by Askold Melnyczuk of the University of Massachusetts Boston. Schwalm is the 2009 first-prize winner at the Mayborn Literary Non-fiction Conference at the University of North Texas. He served as the President of the Consequence Forum, an international platform addressing the human consequences and realities of war and geopolitical violence through literature, art, and community events. Schwalm spent much of his adult life as an Army officer, serving as a tank company commander in the First Gulf War in 1991 and leading Green Berets during the Haiti invasion in 1994. Retiring from the Army in 2004, he consults in the public sector and has lectured to business students on the merits of improvisation as he learned it in the world of guerrilla warfare. His book The Guerrilla Factory: The Making of Special Force Officers, the Green Berets was published by Simon and Schuster in 2012.
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